Monumental Pike Ice Fishing at Lake of the Woods Video

The Good Fishing staff (minus Babe) went out to Lake of the Woods and had a very successful ice fishing outing for Pike. They stayed at Arnesen’s Rocky Point Lodge & Fishing Resort in Roosevelt, Minnesota, a one-stop shop for anyone interested in ice fishing. Between the healthy lake, a strong fish population, and tip-up fishing, the guys were catching giant Pike almost instantly.

Arnese's Rocky Point Lodge Fishing Resort

Tip-up fishing made it easy for the staff to see where the fish were spread out on the lake, and where they were ready to eat. Right at the beginning of the outing, they catch a 39-inch fish, plus two more giant fish in the span of an hour and a half. They equate the activity to sports fishing: They usually release everything they catch, but the process is exciting, the Pike put up a fight, and the sizes of the fish up at Lake of the Woods are incredible.

Monster Pike Catch on Ice Fishing Trip

A true highlight of the trip was when they caught a 43-inch Pike, a fish of a lifetime. It must have been hard putting that one back in the water! The fishing outing proved how great the fishing is up at Lake of the Woods, how easily you can get set up at a place like Arnesen’s, and how you can reel in some trophy Pike in record time!

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