Smallmouth Bass Fishing Video

Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing Video with Babe Winkelman

Babe Winkelman takes you on a Chevy Sweepstakes adventure to Pine Portage Lodge in Ontario Canada for Walleyes as well as Wakomata Resort for some world class smallmouth bass fishing. After nailing the walleyes at Pine Portage, catching way more than just shore lunch, Babe fishes with John to try and limit out on some big smallies. You've got to see how the bass react to Babe's "Spot" fishing technique! Things really get wild! After that, Kris Winkelman teaches you a thing or two about mushrooms with Mike, it's a real fungi time! Check it out to see how it goes!!

Smallmouth Bass Fishing and Mushroom Hunting Takeaways:

  • Sight fishing can actually be a very useful way to nail smallies laying on their beds
  • Ontario really yields an impressive amount of game fish of every species
  • When you're catching a bass, it gives off a vibrations to other bass near by which makes them follow the struggle to the surface of the water after the struggling bass
  • How different changes in atmospheric pressure can alter the mood of the fish causing a slow bite
  • Different weather patters determine where the fish will be and what types of bait work best to reel them in
  • Which mushrooms are edible and which are not
  • How to tell the difference in species based on gills, colors, shapes and sizes
  • The best times of year to mind mushrooms near you!


Where can you learn more about small mouth bass fishing and mushrooms? Right here at our website!

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