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Problems and Recommended Solutions

Got a Tick Problem? Here are our recommended solutions!

Problem: Tick Bites Going Unnoticed

Problem's Effect: 
The longer a tick is attached the chance for diseases to be transmitted goes up dramatically 

Solutions: Self Checks, Protective Clothing, and Regular Screening for Lyme Disease

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Problem: Incorrect Tick Removal From Skin

Problem's Effect: 
There is a significant increase in the chance to transfer any tick-borne illness the parasite may be carrying.

Solution: Fine-Tipped Removal Tweezers

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Problem: Difficult to Detect Infection

Problem's Effect: 
Early detection of Lyme will stop it from evolving into a chronic issue.  However, symptoms of Lyme disease take several weeks to appear and are commonly mistaken for the common cold.

Solutions: Test the Tick for Illness and At-Home Blood Tests

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Problem: Ticks Invading Your Home and Yard

Problem's Effect: 
Ticks often travel around using other animals such as rabbits, mice, deer and even your dog. The most common way ticks gain access to people's homes is via household pets. Pets can often transfer ticks to their owners if they share a bed or furniture. 

Solutions: Pet Tick Protection and Control Wildlife in Yard

Our Recommendations:

Permethrin High-Pressure Perimeter Sprays

Repels and eliminates ticks on contact for up to 6 months!

How Thermacell Tick Control Tubes Work

Tick tubes are the easy no-spray way to kill ticks in your yard.

Problem: My Tick Problem is Not Covered on This Page

Solution: Contact a Tick-Expert with Your Problem

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