Ontario Walleyes with Babes Grandson

Fishing Ontario Walleyes with Babe Winkelman and Grandson

Babe Winkelman takes his oldest Grandson Cayden on an unbelievable fishing trip for some crazy Ontario walleyes. Throughout the nearly 40 years of fishing shows, Babe has always proven the importance of getting kids into the outdoors. Through bringing his own daughters as they grew up, his boat has always been filled with the smiles and learning eyes of the youth. As far as carrying on traditions, the biggest factor is education the youth about the importance.  Show your young ones where their roots are!

Being as young as Cayden was, he had never visited Ontario. Babe made sure he got the luxury trip in order to get the full experience. Of course this includes loads and loads of Ontario Walleyes. Likewise, Cayden gets to experience so many wonderful sights, thanks to Ontario's beautiful scenery. Watch as Cayden reels in a taste of Canada's best walleye fishing, while learning from his Grandpa. Your entire family is sure to love this.

Remember these points from fishing ontario walleyes:

  • Our youth looks to us for example, give them the experience of the outdoors to hold onto
  • Slot limits for your Ontario Walleyes
  • Different jigs and grubs to nail the fish
  • How to jig
  • How to teach young children to "feel a bite"
  • Easy ways to get your children excited about the outdoors as well as how to get them started in fishing

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