Can Cooker Walleye Shore Lunch

Guntersville Lake Lodge Shore Lunch:

Kris Winkelman is out of the kitchen to show us how to make a tasty and healthy meal right on the shoreline with any heat source. In this short video, Kris' cooking instrument of choice is the Seth Mcginn's Can Cooker which was able to cook a walleye to perfection straight from water to plate in minutes. In addition, you can throw just about anything you want into the Can Cooker.

For this simple recipe, Kris sprays non-stick cooking spray in the Can Cooker for easy clean up. Babe assists with the filleting of the walleye. Next, she applies her favorite seasonings with a little bit of dill and lemon pepper to the fillet, then places the fish on potatoes slices in aluminum foil with some chopped vegetables right on top. Finally, she pours water into the bottom of the Can Cooker and steams the walleye for 7-10 minutes depending on the size of the fish fillet. The freshly caught fish came out juicy, tasty, and healthy for everyone to dig in and enjoy. Try out the Can Cooker or Can Cooker Jr. yourself!

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